The FD Group started in 2004 focused on the Thames Valley and South of England. Due to growing demand for our Part Time FD (Finance Director) service, we have developed a national presence and now have Part Time FDs based in and around most major towns and cities in the UK to support clients .

The team that supports our Part Time FD network has years of experience working with service businesses helping them to improve cash flow and achieve their growth potential.

Trevor Wilson – CEO

“I find financial pitfalls often catch SME companies unawares but then take up a huge amount of the owner/MD’s time and, in extreme cases, can be the start of a downward spiral for the business.

That’s why I published “The Cash Blueprint” which you can download by going to our home page.

After telling clients things they may not want to hear, it is hugely satisfying when this leads to change that greatly improves cash flow and the bottom line. Our positive results are testimony to this approach.”

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Bevan Metcalf – Chairman

“I think the key to improving cash flow in a service business, isn’t about knowing the numbers. Although that’s part of it, the real key is having the experience to see what’s going on behind the numbers and then most importantly, knowing the actions that will turn things around. That’s what a part time FD can do for…”

For example, having a mix of financial and commercial expertise means that clients I worked with get access to a wide range of experience and insights that allow them to improve their cash situation. This allows me to approach issues from different angles and find ways out of sticky situations.”

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Peter Allen – Partner (London)

“Most SME businesses suffer from not having an FD to assist with setting strategic goals, managing cash flow, and providing relevant management information. But without these in place, true profit potential and maximum business value will never be achieved.

I have over 24 years’ experience as a Finance Director to SMEs, covering owner managed businesses to private equity backed MBOs, acquisitions and post acquisition integrations. I now help businesses unable to afford a full time FD, or which don’t need an FD full time, and particularly enjoy working alongside owners/CEOs and the rest of the management team, to make a real difference to cash flow, business performance and exit values.”

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David Taylor – Partner (Berkshire/Hampshire)

“I have been lucky to work across a broad range of industries and for a wide range of service organisations from blue chip companies to SMEs. This has taught me that one size does not fit all and that there are normally several solutions to problems facing the modern service business.”

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Catherine Wilson – Partner (Berkshire/Oxfordshire)

“I gain tremendous satisfaction from seeing clients take on board my suggestions and seeing their businesses become more profitable. I particularly enjoy helping business owners who plan to exit by selling their businesses in the next three to five years. Ensuring that all financial processes are in good order will greatly increase the value of a business and allow it to continue to thrive under new ownership.

My experience working in large companies has reinforced my belief that appropriate finance systems are fundamental to the success of businesses of any size. Effective systems support the decision making process and enable the business owners to stay in control. This means that the business owner’s time is freed up to focus on the areas of the business where they can contribute most.”

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Tim Allen – Partner (Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire)

“We all know that a building with no foundations is not going to last long and I believe it’s essential for businesses to firstly create, and then nurture sound foundations. Cash is the cornerstone of those foundations and the “Cash Flow Blueprint” on our home page is the first step towards it…

It’s all too easy for service business owners to be so busy driving the business forward, that key financial issues are missed. That is where our team can help. By identifying and understanding the issues at one of our “Cash Flow Injection” meetings, we are able to give clients a plan of action that can quickly improve cash flow.”

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