Part Time FD Help: If A Lack of Focus Is Holding You Back Here’s A Way To Solve The Problem…

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Do you come up with loads of business ideas but struggle to put these into practice?

Are you always busy progressing initiatives but have difficulty reaching the point where these start to generate revenue?

Are you trying hard, but find yourself in the same place you started several months down the line?

Do you suffer from task paralysis, the point where you have so much to do that it’s a problem getting things done?

If any of the above strike a chord with you, you’re certainly not alone. Many of us are guilty of regularly falling into this trap. But sometimes it’s not easy to see the wood from the trees. You know you’re not where you want to be ….  but you’re not really sure why it’s not happening for you, or indeed what to do about it.

It’s easily done. I’ve been there myself!

Some months back, I came across a great way of understanding this situation, and why it stops you getting on in business. I’d like to share this with you.

First, you need to think of your business development as a journey. The starting point is A, the final destination B. In order to complete your business journey, you need to travel the road from A to B.

Now imagine, as on most roads, particularly after a harsh winter, there are a number of potholes. Some of these potholes are bigger than others. In this case, they make the road impassable to traffic. The starting position looks like this.

part time fd pot holes1

In order to reach your destination, you need to fill in each pothole along the way with boulders. You can see that on this journey that there are three potholes. But you can’t get past pothole 2 until pothole 1 is filled in, nor pothole 3 until pothole 2 is full.

In the above example, it takes four boulders or actions to fill in pothole 1 to allow you to advance to pothole 2. The problem lies in the way most people go about this.

If we work on all the potholes at the same time and put two boulders in each hole, the position becomes as follows:

Working on each of the three potholes simultaneously leaves us in a position where we remain stuck at pothole 1. Although pothole 2 is full, it does not matter. We are still basically near where we started. How much better it would have been had we worked on pot hole 1 first, then pothole 2 …..

Another way to think about filling in a pothole, or the actions necessary to complete a task, is this. Until all the actions are completed, and the last boulder is at the surface of the road, there is no visibility to what you’re doing to the outside world. If you’re trying to generate different revenue streams, no income will result until the product or service is ready to promote and buy.

There’s another problem. Do you regularly get distracted by the next new thing which could benefit your business?  Termed “Shiny Object Syndrome”, this is another common factor which often distracts attention away, with the result that you drop the task you’re holding or doing.

Continuing with the pothole analogy, what’s happening here is that you’re creating new potholes for yourself without first filling in the old ones. This is making the journey both longer and more difficult, especially when the natural tendency of many business owners is to try and fill in all the potholes themselves without seeking specialist outside help.

All in all, you’re finding that the list of jobs to be done grows ever longer. You’re spending more and more time (and money) in your business without the rewards, and to the detriment of other areas of your life. And still, from a business perspective, you remain largely in the same place you started.

This is what stops most business owners from being successful. Knowing this means you can change your behaviours.

So begin to move past your personal potholes to reach your chosen destination!

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