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"After This Meeting You'll Never Look At Your Cash Flow In the Same Way Again..."

In this meeting one of the FD Group’s senior financial directors will…

  • Analyse your current situation
  • Pinpoint the key areas that will make the biggest difference to your cash flow in the shortest possible time
  • Create a step by step ‘Cash Injection’ Action Plan for you after the meeting, that will show you how to drive more cash into your business and stop more and more of it leaking out

To book your meeting please fill in the form below and we’ll email you immediately to say we’ve got your request. We’ll then contact you by phone and set the meeting up shortly after.

Why You Should Book This Meeting Right Now…

  • It’s FREE although the person you’ll meet is regularly charged out at £1,000 a day!
  • Talking with an experienced objective expert is the quickest way to find solutions to any problem – cash flow is no different
  • It’s what you don’t know and what you’re not doing that’s holding you back. This meeting will reveal this to you
  • The meeting is specifically for service businesses and their relevant cash flow problems
  • You’ll immediately learn what you need to do to get out of your negative cash flow cycle
  • The meeting is a full value consultative session and not a sales pitch for our services