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For most service business owners, trying to build a business that’s starved of cash, is not easy or fun. In fact it’s a thankless task. So it’s easy to shy away from the finances and just hope your sales projections work out. That’s if you don’t have someone like a part time Finance Director supporting you.

Since 2004, The FD Group has helped many service business owners (in the UK) build their businesses by using a part time FD service and a cash flow business model that really works. Because whatever type of service business you run, one thing is certain – you need to consistently have a strong cash position if you want your business to survive, never mind thrive.

So it’s understandable that you want your finances to be stable and to have cash flow that matches your predictions. Especially if you have built your business to a level but you keep getting dragged back and bogged down in financial issues. You know where you want to take your business but having a clear financial plan that will give you the cash you need to grow is what you’re missing.

You see, finance (if you’re not a Finance Director) can feel uncomfortable, even “annoying”, not to mention discouraging for all the effort it takes just to stay on top of it.

Even if you’ve been very successful building your business so far, the chances are you know the hole in your business is the “stop-start” cash flow dance you have to go through every month. But you have no real plan to fill this hole once and for all.

So how do you improve your cash position so you can get back to what you do best – building your business? Simple. You need to have some solid financial know-how, and a workable financial plan that is proven to increase cash (not just random fire fighting tactics to get you through the week, month or year).

With a proven cash generating model in your business, you’ll have a clear route to taking your business to where it needs to be with the peace of mind that your projections are no longer best guesses.

When you’re generating cash with less struggle, business can be a true pleasure because you’re making the difference you always wanted to make and working on things you enjoy. The model our part time FD’s use has helped business owners like you transform their cash positions, increased their quality of life and made their business easier and fun again.

To get a taste of our unique and hype-free ‘Part Time FD’ approach to generating cash in your business, we’d like to give you a valuable free gift: the Cash Flow Blueprint that contains the “9 Cash Flow Pillars” essential to generating predictable strong cash flow.

Part Time FD Cash Flow Blueprint

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